Project Details

Aware ND is a group of volunteers that provide Women’s Safety Training Classes to allow women to gains the skills they need for self-protection. This service has helped women in tough spots as well as building overall self-confidence.

I build the promotions for both print and online to communicate what this group does, as well and when classes are available. I’ve also developed the website so that users can register quickly. When classes are full, I’ve also developed a waiting list so that users can be notified of the next available class, and continue to stay connected with the women in our community.

When building the promotions, we didn’t want to focus on the fear aspect. We wanted to be the invitation to women to find strength and beauty in themselves. Going face-to-face with that can be one of the hardest things a woman has to go through, and Aware ND wants each of these women to know they have their backs.

Aware Women’s Safety Training
March 2016
Brand Design