Project Details

The National Energy Center of Excellence is home to twelve highly specialized programs that deliver training to anyone in the energy industry that wants to get a head start on their career. Flyers were created to promote each individual program while uniting the Energy Department as a whole. The layouts needed to be appeal to those that aren’t afraid to roll up theirs leaves and get to work.We took a trail through the tall grass on the edge of town. Where on earth were we heading? We reached the underside of a very busy bridge. The noise of the cars was amazingly loud, but it all revealed a colorful setting of graphiti. The work on the walls was amazing, and I would have never known about it if this rebel would not have brought me here. The setting was perfect, and the rebel knew how to embrace it. It looked like he was down here causing trouble for years. His dark jacket was the perfect contrast to the colored paint behind him. Once he sat down, he owned the scene.

November 2017